Grace Ng: A Mesmerizing Trombone Talent Shines Bright

Grace Ng, a 19-year-old tenor trombonist based in Philadelphia, PA, is a remarkable talent in the classical music world. Her performances have consistently impressed audiences and critics alike, showcasing her extraordinary skill and dedication.

Grace’s education at Boyer College of Music, Aspen Music Festival School, and The Juilliard School Precollege has equipped her with a solid foundation in music. Her mentors, including Matthew Vaughn, Demian Austin, Weston Sprott, and Burt Mason, have imparted invaluable knowledge, which is evident in her playing.

One of her standout performances was her rendition of William Grant Still’s “Romance.” Grace’s tone was rich and expressive, her phrasing lyrical and nuanced. The piece demands both technical mastery and emotional depth, and Grace delivered both with aplomb. Her performance left a lasting impression, demonstrating her ability to convey profound emotion through her instrument.

Grace has also performed with esteemed ensembles such as Imperial Brass and organizations like Opera Italiano and The Juilliard Precollege Orchestra. Her versatility and ability to seamlessly integrate into these groups highlight her professionalism and adaptability.

Her commitment to new music is another noteworthy aspect of her career. Collaborating with contemporary composers to premiere new solo trombone works, Grace is not only a performer but also an advocate for the evolution of her instrument’s repertoire.

Grace’s numerous accolades, including the AMFS Scholarship, Mark Freeh Scholarship, Stagetime Career Grant, and Crawford Green Award, speak to her exceptional talent and hard work. These honors reflect the high esteem in which she is held by the musical community.

Grace’s performances are a testament to her exceptional skill and dedication. Her ability to blend technical proficiency with expressive depth makes her a standout trombonist, poised to make significant contributions to the classical music world.

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