Linkedin for professionals, Lalatok for teenagers

Social network service focused on safety of teenagers

We cannot stop teenagers from using social media. Therefore, we need to ensure that it can be used safely and, above all, help ensure the safety of personal information. Teenagers these days are not ignorant. They are realizing how important it is to protect personal information.

Lalatok, a newly released app, is gaining popularity among teenagers who are sensitive to personal information leaks. First, you start by creating your own avatar. You can set everything including face shape, hair, glasses, facial features, body type, clothing, and skin color. It offers a variety of avatars, starting with mummies and vampires, Kpop and many more.

Teenagers felt burdened by showing themselves on social media began meeting and communicating with new people through avatars.

“Since personal information is not collected in the first place, there is no need to worry about it being leaked.” Said the founder and CEO at Lalatok.

Lalatok also offers 24 AI filter which will review or delete when an offensive text or image is uploaded.

“Over 75% of our users are teenagers. This is why the safety of personal information and a clean usage environment are very important to us.” – Moon Kim, Founder and CEO.

The function of the app is similar to other social media. However, there is an advantage that you can use both Instagram’s photo function and Twitter’s text function anonymously. Because anonymity is guaranteed, teenagers say they do not have to worry about other users judging their posts.

You can currently download Lalatok at Play Store and App store.

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