“Poolside Inn”: A Student-led Cinematic Triumph Premiering at Palm Springs International Short Film Festival

In a captivating unveiling at the Palm Springs International Short Film Festival, the exceptional short film “Poolside Inn” emerged as a radiant testament to the collaboration between a team of emerging talents. Crafted during their student days at Brigham Young University (BYU), this atmospheric thriller directed by Remington Butler weaves a narrative that transcends the conventional, immersing audiences in the unsettling encounter of Erica, played by the remarkable Mari Joy, attempting to savor a tranquil evening in a motel hot tub, only to be disrupted by peculiar visitors.

The film’s visual tapestry, skillfully captured by cinematographer Sam Jorgensen, is described as riveting and atmospheric, drawing comparisons to the professional work seen in Euphoria and establishing “Poolside Inn” as a visual tour de force. The meticulous attention to detail and mastery of the visual medium transport the audience into a world of suspense and intrigue, leaving an indelible imprint on the viewer.

As the nearly entire team has graduated and transitioned into professional fields, “Poolside Inn” stands as a beacon of their collective journey from student experimentation to cinematic excellence. This cinematic gem illuminates the collaborative brilliance forged during their formative years as students.

Mari Joy’s portrayal of Erica is a study in nuance, blending vulnerability with strength in a manner that defies her status as an emerging actress. The Manila native’s ability to convey a range of emotions with subtlety and authenticity has earned her quiet, but widespread acclaim, making her a standout in the crowded landscape of rising talents. In tandem, Langi Tuifua, the leading man in “Poolside Inn,” exhibits power with grace, showcasing a performance that adds a unique dimension to the film’s emotional impact.

The Palm Springs International Short Film Festival is North America’s largest short film festival and Poolside Inn was one of approximately 300 chosen out of 6,000 short films from around the globe. Having also recently premiered in Utah at the distinguished FilmQuest Film Festival, which celebrates the best in independent cinema, “Poolside Inn” adds to its growing list of accolades. The film continues to make waves on the festival circuit, with Mari Joy’s and Langi Tuifua’s performances undeniably serving as the heartbeat of this cinematic gem.

For more information on the film please visit their Instagram page, https://www.instagram.com/poolsideinnfilm/

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